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Mail Art Call for Fluxfest 2019

Fluxus Pride Mail Simultaneously celebrating Fluxus and Gay Pride, Fluxfest 2019 is calling for mail art on the theme of PRIDE.
No jury. No returns.
All entries must be sent and received by conventional postal mail, and should be in a standard postcard format. The standard postcard size is A6 (148 x 105 mm) or 6" x 4". Postcards up to a maximum 180 x 125 mm (7" x 5") will be accepted.

Please mail postcard to: Fluxfest Pride Mail
501-1555 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON
M5M 4M2
Limitations and Legalese:Censorship is anathema to the Fluxus spirit. However, exhibited works cannot violate Canadian law. Fortunately, the laws protecting artistic freedom of expression are relatively strong in Canada. Basically, anything goes, except child pornography and hate speech. Hate speech includes, "advocating genocide", "publicly inciting hatred", and "promoting hatred". References: Wikipedia Article | Parliamentary Publication
Given the history of persecu…

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